Monday, August 29, 2011

Launching a New Blog about My Genealogy

For a couple years now, I have been publishing a blog called NEOhio Genealogy Blog. It has provided me with a platform for commenting on genealogical resources, events, and news in Cleveland, Ohio, and the 12 counties in Northeastern Ohio (aka the Western Reserve).

Now I think I have the hang of blogging, so I am starting a second blog. This one will focus  on recording my personal activities in genealogical research, hence the blog's name: Collecting Ancestors.

I've used this name with the full knowledge that the practice of collecting names and dates is looked upon with disfavor by serious genealogists. But the practice of collecting can be serious too. There are serious collectors of cars and stamps and antiques. These collectors pay attention to the provenance of their collectibles. In the same way, I intend to write about how I have "collected" ancestors, and researched the facts about them that establish and prove descendency.

In publishing the blog, I plan to describe some of the techniques I have used, along with the successes and failures that I have encountered along the way.

I believe the blog will provide me with a means of tracking my genealogical research activities in a more organized fashion.

Finally, because blogging is a type of cloud computing, I will be able to access it for creating new posts and for reading old posts wherever I am.

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