Monday, October 3, 2011

Library Thing -- What a Wonderful Resource and Tool!

When I attended the Ohio Genealogical Society's 2011 Fall Conference on Saturday  (Oct. 1), I was reminded by the guest lecturer, Dick Eastman, to utilize the cloud computing website, Library Thing (, to build a catalog of my genealogy books. I first used this resource in 2007, but I have been delinquent in keeping up with it. How delinquent? When I first created an account, I cataloged a total of 14 books. I believe that I must have about 100 now, so you can see I'm a little behind in keeping track of what I have. Hearing Dick talk about it on Saturday, I made a vow to check it out and enter some books. I had forgotten how easy is is. In less than 5 min, I was able to add 5 books to my personal library catalog. I definitely will put this on my Evernote task list to work on a few minutes every day to bring it up to date.

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