Friday, October 28, 2011

Power of Ancestry Family Trees

Today, I received notification of three new possible record matches for people in my Huskonen-Dingman-Van Court-Scheppelmann Family Tree. The new records are for three individuals in my wife's Van Court line, and include one death record and two birth records. These records gave me more precise information that I didn't have for these individuals. The appearance of these records on indicates that Ancestry has added these records recently to the record sets "West Virginia, Deaths Index, 1853-1973" and "West Virginia, Births Index, 1853-1969."

The Births Index was extracted from microfilmed copies of various Virginia and West Virginia birth records created by Family Search in 2008-2009. West Virginia seceded from Virginia and became a separate state in  the Union in 1863.

The Deaths Index also was extracted from  microfilmed copies of various Virginia and West Virginia birth records, and likewise was created by FamilySearch.

I know that the West Virginia Division of Culture and History has been putting many vital records online, and I have used that resource for vital records for other individuals from West Virginia. These databases do not yet, however, include the records for the three West Virginia individuals in my Ancestry family tree.

One final note: all I had to do to add the new information to each individual was to click through from the email notification to the actual record in Ancestry. When I selected "Save," the new information--and the citation--were added automatically.

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